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DIY Network is an American multinational basic cable network owned by Discovery, Inc. in 1999, The network is a spin-off of HGTV; while it originally focused on instructional programming related to "do it yourself" activities, DIY Network has since focused on personality-based, documentary-style reality series related to home repair and renovation.

Elly D. expressed her opinion about DIY NETWORK trough a review for INFLUSTER since the perspective of being the wife of a contactor: "I watch this network with my husband, who is a general contractor. His father was a general contractor and so was his grandfather - it runs in the family and he grew up learning this stuff and is a trustworthy contractor. When we watch this network, some of the tips aren't always very helpful or appropriate. Such as, when discussing wood floors and they say it's never gets scruffed - there are tons of hidden meanings to that - like yes it does get scruffed, but you need to do this and that, etc (these are examples, don't use this as a true tip I couldn't think of a recent tip we heard that was politically incorrect). There are some things my husband would say to clients that I don't think DIY network is willing to suggest. And some of the tips are a lot simplier than they show."


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